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Kem Brand Plastic Playing Cards

With so many different plastic playing card manufactures on the market today it can be hard deciding on one. Well when I made the switch from paper to plastic I decided to go with one of the oldest and most well know brands. Kem has been around for about 60 years and for all those years they have specialized in one product, playing cards made from 100% cellulose acetate plastic it gives there cards there extra edge against other plastic playing card competitors. Other companies cards contain vinyl to make there plastic playing cards but Kem is all cellulose acetate.

Because of there composition Kem brand playing cards can handle wear and tear like no other brand that I have ever played with. They make only the finest cards that will last longer and shuffle better than almost any card you have played with before, and unlike paper playing cards they won’t tear, bend, or dent during game play. And besides being extremely resilient Kem plastic playing cards have some of the most elegant designs that I have seen on any card.

The Kem Paisley design is stylish and looks great in the blue and red colors that they come in; they will make a great addition to your poker collection. They may seem expensive at first but because Kem only makes the highest quality plastic playing cards you are really getting your moneys worth because they will last a 100 times longer than traditional deck of paper playing cards.

One of the more popular designs that Kem has is the Arrow design and it is not hard to see why it is very pleasing to the eye and it comes several different colors like the usual red and blue but also black, gold, green and brown. Also Kem cards have several different options you can choose from that don’t deal with the design but are just as important like the index and the size of the card. Most of their cards come in both poker and bridge size so if you find a design you like but it is in poker size you can easily find it in bridge size. Also the cards come with either jumbo or regular index; the jumbo index helps out a lot if you have a hard time seeing the regular index cards. So if you are looking for a quality deck of plastic playing cards your first brand to check out should be Kem.