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Copag Brand Playing Cards

Upgrading from paper playing cards to plastic playing cards is a smart decision for many reasons, but with all the different brands to choose from it might be overwhelming to try to pick the best deck of cards. If you are having trouble deciding on a brand then you should consider giving Copag plastic playing cards a try. Copag playing cards have been used in the World Series of Poker several times so you know they manufacture superior plastic playing cards.

Copag playing cards are made from a high performing 100% PVC plastic that really gives them an edge against other plastic playing card competitors. They are also one of the most well know brands because they are made from top quality materials. These cards will last up to a 100 times longer than regular paper playing cards, and they can also hold there own against other well known brands like Kem plastic playing cards. And what is really great about Copag plastic playing cards is that they aren’t as expensive as other brands yet you don’t lose any quality or durability.

Besides being long-lasting and resilient to bending, denting, and tearing, Copag cards have some remarkable designs that would look great at the poker table. One of the most popular designs is the 1546 design and it is not hard to see why it is an elegant design that looks great on the face of the card. Also the variety of colors that the 1546 design comes in probably adds to its popularity. It comes in green, burgundy, red, blue, black, and gold, that is pretty unusual for playing cards because they usually just come in red or blue.

There are many other great designs by Copag and what makes it even better is that almost all the cards come in bridge or poker size so when you find a card you like you can decide on either the poker size or bridge size which is a bit smaller in width than the poker size. Also you can even decide on what size index you want to truly fit these cards to your needs, the sizes that the index comes in are either jumbo which is very large or regular which is normal size print. So it’s obvious that Copag is a brand you should look into when buying plastic playing cards.